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Virginia Prodan

Virginia Prodan

Dallas, TX

Virginia Prodan is an International Human Rights Attorney, an Allied Attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom, an Author of memoir - Saving My Assassin - Published by Tyndale House Publisher, and an International sought-after Speaker.

As a young attorney in Romania under Nicolae Ceaușescu's brutal communist regime, Virginia had spent her entire life searching for the truth. When she finally found it in the pages of the most forbidden book in all of Romania, Virginia accepted the divine call to defend fellow followers of Christ against unjust persecution in an otherwise ungodly land.  For this act of treason, she was kidnapped, beaten, tortured, placed under house arrest, and came within seconds of being executed under the orders of Ceaușescu himself.

Virginia Prodan's compelling story of courage in the face of intimidation and even death on behalf of others is a testament to her unwavering faith in a God who delivers. Virginia’s memoir - Saving My Assassin - Published by Tyndale House Publisher - describes in detail her fight for freedom In Romania and in America.

Exiled from Romania since 1988, Virginia frequently shares her story as a keynote speaker in large public forums--including public and private schools and universities--and has been featured prominently in media reports.

She was the focus of a full-length documentary and has been interviewed by Fox News, Heritage Foundation, BBC Radio, CBN, LifeWay – Chat with Priscilla, The NITE line, The Daily Signal, WFAA-TV Channel 8, Dallas Morning News, Point of View, Heritage Action for America, Glenn Beck, KCBI 90.9, and Family Life – Dr. Jim Dobson.

Virginia is a sought-after international speaker. As the key note speaker, Virginia spoke to large audiences and on special events at Family Research Council, Washington, DC; Christian Legal Fellowship, Vancouver, Canada; Summit Ministries, Colorado Springs; Georgetown University, etc. Virginia also published articles in Christian Post; the Christian Science Monitor; Focus on the Family – Citizen Magazine; Christianity Today; The Daily Signal; American Thinker, etc. Virginia inspires!

Virginia currently resides in Dallas, TX, where she enjoys practicing law, writing, attending the opera and the symphony, and traveling for pleasure. She has two daughters, Anca and Andreea, and a son, Emanuel.  She also enjoys her numerous speaking engagements, where she continues to inspire and impact lives with her incredible true-life story.