Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission Awareness - Education - Inspiration


The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission meets quarterly to discuss commission business.  At these meetings, committees discuss projects and move on actions appropriate to those groups.  The THGC is able to accomplish its mission and goals through the vision and planning of these committees and subcommittees.

Executive Committee

The executive committee oversees Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission activities. 
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Administrative and Public Information Committee

The administrative and public information committee works with administrative matters of the commission and educates the public about THGC programs.

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Resources Committee

The resource committee is dedicated to locating, obtaining, and organizing information on genocides and to distributing that information to schools, organizations, and communities.

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Education Committee

The education committee provides opportunities for genocide, Holocaust, and bullying education in private and public institutions in Texas, including in elementary, secondary, and higher education settings. 

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Textbook Review Subcommittee

The textbook review subcommittee reviews textbooks used in Texas public schools and generates recommendations based on textbook content.

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Higher Education Ethics Initiative Subcommittee

The higher education ethics initiative subcommittee generates programs to assist Texas educators in incorporating the teaching of personal and community ethics in higher education courses.

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Memorials and Exhibits Committee

The memorials and exhibits committee implements programs that further the knowledge and understanding of why and how genocides occur.

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Volunteer Committee

The volunteer committee solicits and coordinates volunteers for Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission programs and events. 

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