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Liberator Information Project

The THGC needs the help of Texans everywhere to locate Liberators of the Nazi concentration camps of World War II.  We are working with Texas Tech University on a massive project to uncover the experiences of Texan Liberators, and are striving for the inclusion of every possible serviceperson who was involved in the liberation of the Nazi camps.  The THGC would like to invite anyone who knows a Liberator to submit their information through the form below.

For the purposes of this project, “Liberator” refers to any serviceperson who was present at any Nazi camp during the first three days of the camp’s liberation, or any serviceperson who assisted with the removal of the bodies of the victims.  The Liberator must have been born in Texas, or lived within the state at some point during their lives.

Please contact Cheyanne Perkins with any questions, at cheyanne.perkins@thgc.texas.gov.

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Liberator Information