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THGC Announces Recipient of Dr. Anna Steinberger Outstanding Texas Educator Award


L: THGC Commissioner Lynne Aronoff presents award check to Robert Wiggs
R:  J.E. Wolfson, and Cheyanne Perkins, Matt Verdugo, Maria Alarcon, Marco Franco, Lynne Aronoff, Principal Alberto Aleman Jr. Christian Acevedo

The THGC’s mission is driven by education, and one of the most important things we can do in that regard is to assist teachers. The Dr. Anna Steinberger Outstanding Texas Educator Award recognizes the Texas teacher most dedicated to Holocaust and/or genocide education.  Please join us in congratulating Marco Franco of United High School  in Laredo as this year’s recipient!

Principal Alberto Aleman Jr. and staff of United High School kept the award a secret until staff and commissioners arrived on May 14th to present English teacher Marco Franco with the award and a $1,000 check. Mr. Franco,  teaches with the intent to provide his students with as much knowledge about the Holocaust and genocides and uses various instructional approaches to keep his students engaged in learning. Mr. Franco has also organized many field trips to the San Antonio and Houston Holocaust museums and is currently planning a trip in 2020 for the 'Holocaust in Europe' tour, which will take students to significant sites in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Mr. Franco has also participated in programs such as Freedom Writer Teachers and co-founded the Wall of Tolerance at the Laredo Public Library. 


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About the Dr. Anna Steinberger Outstanding Texas Educator Award

This award was generously funded by Dr. Anna Steinberger, through Friends of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission.  Dr. Steinberger is a Holocaust survivor, and a founding member of the THGC.

The award is open to all Texas educators of grades 5-12 (this includes teachers, librarians, and curriculum specialists).  Applicants must demonstrate their commitment to teaching about the Holocaust and/or the genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur, or Iraq/Syria, by completing an application.  The winner receives a $1,000.00 prize.

The THGC understands how hard Texas teachers work and how important the work that they do is to the lives of their students and future generations.  If you know a Texas teacher (including yourself) who demonstrates a commitment to educating their students about the Holocaust and/or other genocides, please keep an eye on our website for more information on the Dr. Anna Steinberger Outstanding Educator Award! 

Applicant criteria include...
• ...hold at least a bachelor's degree.
• ...be employed full-time as a teacher, curriculum specialist, or librarian at a public, charter, or private school in the state of Texas.
• ...have at least three (3) years of experience working with students.
• ...have a record of teaching or actively supporting the teaching of the Holocaust and/or genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Sudan, and the Middle East to students in grades 5-12.

Check back soon for submission instructions for the 2019 award year.
Please contact J.E. Wolfson at j.e.wolfson@thgc.texas.gov with questions about the award.