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July 4: Independence Day


By THGC Admin
July 4th has finally arrived, and across the United States, Americans have been gearing up for its celebration. Read on to learn about how this holiday came to be, and how you can help the THGC with a very special project!

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June 14: Flag Day


By THGC Admin
Did you know that June 14th is a holiday? Today is Flag Day! Read on to learn more about the history of our country's flag.

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Remembering Memorial Day


By Cheyanne Perkins
The history of Memorial Day is much more contested than one might expect. Read on to find out how the holiday has transformed into its modern incarnation.

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Conflicts with “Closure”


By THGC Admin
After the arrest of Ratko Mladic on May 27th, 2011, news outlets and political leaders celebrated the "closure" his arrest would bring to survivors of the Bosnian Genocide. In this blog, Education Specialist Robin Lane explores what "closure" was really achieved.

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A Fein Commissioner with a Fine Motivation


By THGC Admin
THGC Intern Melanie Weinberger describes Martin Fein's service as a commissioner. Commissioner Fein lives in Houston and is the son of Holocaust survivors. He was Founding Chair of Holocaust Museum Houston.

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