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August 2018

Definition of Holocaust and genocide

May 2018

Jack Sacco Speaks About His Liberator Father at UT Austin

THGC Visit to the Dallas Holocaust Museum


July 2017

2016-2017 Educator Grant Wrap-Up

January 2017

A Texas Student Remembers the Holocaust


December 2016

Stand Up for Someone’s Rights Today: Human Rights Day 2016

November 2016

Elements of Eleanor: Living Like the First Lady

October 2016

National Bullying Prevention Month: Resource Round-Up!

THGC’s First Annual Texas History Day Award Results

Current & Upcoming THGC Projects

Babi Yar: Spoken or Silenced

August 2016

Founding Father: A Profile of Commissioner Pete Berkowitz of Houston

What Hollywood Taught Me about the Holocaust

July 2016

A Grandchild of Survivors

2015-2016 Educator Grant Report: Impacts and Impressions

In Memoriam: Elie Wiesel

July 4: Independence Day

June 2016

June 14: Flag Day

May 2016

Remembering Memorial Day

Conflicts with “Closure”

A Fein Commissioner with a Fine Motivation

Triumph and Terror: Teaching Gerda Weissmann Klein’s Story

Critical Literacy in Early Elementary Classrooms

Jewish American Heritage Month

April 2016

2016 Student Video Contest a Success!

April 15: Fran Berg and a Journey to Understanding Inhumanity

13 April, Cambodian New Year: A Texas Connection to the Khmer Rouge’s Assault on the Family

Processing Remembrance: National Genocide Memorial Day in Rwanda

March 2016

Resisting Evil: Women Upstanders in the Genocides, Part II

The Challenges of Memorializing Genocide

Resisting Evil: Women Upstanders in the Genocides

Finding Esther Within: Purim in the Wake of Genocides

March 1: Ambassador Siv, From the Killing Fields to the White House

February 2016

February 16th: Commissioner Philipson, Collecting Pieces of History

7 February: The Death of “The Angel of Death” and Best Classroom Practices

Hate Crimes on College Campuses

Everything Started With a Lithuanian Village

2016 THGC Grant Recipients Chosen

January 2016

January 27: Connecting Students with the Distant Past on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 20: The Wannsee Conference

January 17: The Arrest of Raoul Wallenberg

2016 THGC Video Contest Deadline

MLA16: Practical Applications for Teaching about Genocides in the Classroom

Atrocities in Burundi

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