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2015-2016 Educator Grant Report: Impacts and Impressions


By THGC Admin

A group of high school students design and build accessibility ramps for disabled adults in their neighborhood. 

A group of middle school students explore media related to the Holocaust in a day-long seminar. 

A high school class travels from San Antonio to the Rio Grande Valley to study immigration and border security issues. 


It may seem that these projects have little in common. In fact, these are three examples of the types of projects the Friends of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission funded through this year's Educator Grant program. 

The grant funded projects in four districts and five schools, giving $5450 total supporting over 300 students across the state. Most projects were long-term, taking place over the course of a whole semester. Every teacher supervising a grant noted the positive effects of their individual projects on the lives of their students. For example, Barbara Robinson from Jackson Technology Center in Garland ISD commented: "For many of our students, this was their first museum experience and they could not stop talking about it for several days... This entire experience was incredibly successful and changed a lot of students' lives in a real and meaningful way." We encourage you to read more about each of the individual grantees at this link.

Staff and Commissioners are constantly examining our programs to be certain of their effectiveness and quality. When reflecting on the worthiness of continuing the Educator Grant program into another year, Pete Berkowitz, Chair of the Friends of the THGC, reflected: "What is the value of this program? [It's] that children become better human beings."

We are excited to be offering this grant program again for the 2016-2017 school year. Of particular interest to the THGC are projects with Spanish-speaking students, as well as projects that include parents and families. The THGC also hopes to reach schools in more rural areas; teachers in smaller districts are especially encouraged to apply. Interested teachers can find more information about the grant, along with application materials and guidelines, on our website

What will Texas students do next? We can't wait to find out!

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