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THGC’s First Annual Texas History Day Award Results


By THGC Admin

The school year may have just started, but it is never too early to begin thinking about the next Texas History Day!  Each April, the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) sponsors this event, which is affiliated with National History Day.  Texas History Day is open to Texas students in grades 6-12, and “encourages them to participate in history!”

The THGC believes that taking ownership of our history is a crucial way to prevent the repetition of historical atrocities.  In recognition of the important work done by the TSHA and Texas History Day, 2016 saw the first annual THGC Texas History Day Award.  This year’s winner was Junior Division student Carson, of Aledo Middle School.

Carson’s paper, “Nazi Human Experimentation: How Medical Exploration Became Outright Torture,” examines the evil work carried out in concentration camps by Nazi “doctors.”  Their victims were subjected to the utmost agony for the sake of a grotesque pseudo-science.  Click here to read the winning submission.

Congratulations, Carson—and good work!

If you are a 6-12 grade Texas student, please consider entering Texas History Day 2017!  The theme will be “Taking a Stand in History,” providing the perfect opportunity to examine the stories of upstanders in the Holocaust and other genocides.  To be considered for the THGC’s Texas History Day Award, projects must focus on one of the following topics:

• The Holocaust
• The Cambodian genocide
• The Bosnian genocide
• The Rwanda / Burundi genocide
• The Darfur genocide
• The Middle East (Syria and Iraq) genocide

Additional details will be available on www.thgc.texas.gov shortly.  In the meantime, please direct any questions to Education Coordinator J.E. Wolfson, at j.e.wolfson@thgc.texas.gov.

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