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In 2009, the Texas legislature established the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC) to ensure that resources are available to students, educators, and the general public regarding the Holocaust and other genocides. Since that time, Commissioners and staff have worked to bring these resources to Texans, not only so that they might learn more about historical genocides, but so that by learning the lessons of the past, they might make an impact now and for future generations.

This blog is our newest way of bringing these resources to the public. Some articles will do so by honoring or highlighting significant historical moments related to genocides. Other posts will be specifically aimed at educators, providing tools and strategies for teaching the Holocaust and genocide in Texas classrooms.  We'll also point to the programs we run here at the THGC that might be of interest to you, like our oral history program and student video contest.

Our regular updates are meant to give you pause, to help you think about global events affecting the daily lives of so many individuals, and to consider our role in trying to do good and create change for the better.

We hope that you'll join us on our blog as we seek to imbue in Texans a sense of responsibility to uphold human value in the face of genocidal travesty.

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