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Read some highlights about this year's Educator Grants!

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What will you do to stand up for someone's rights today, in honor of Human Rights Day 2016? Read more about what you can do to make a difference!

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The THGC's first annual Texas History Day Award was presented this year. Read on to learn more about the award and our first winner!

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Stephon Vaughns, the THGC's 2016 Diversity Intern in Education, explains how popular feature films about the Holocaust and genocides have disappointed him. He argues that documentary films on these subjects have been far more effective at educating viewers.

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We have just wrapped up our 2015-16 Educator Grant Cycle! Read about the projects completed this year and get more information about applying for next year's grants.

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After the arrest of Ratko Mladic on May 27th, 2011, news outlets and political leaders celebrated the "closure" his arrest would bring to survivors of the Bosnian Genocide. In this blog, Education Specialist Robin Lane explores what "closure" was really achieved.

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"Man’s inhumanity toward others is unexplainable. Why do we choose to inflict so much pain on each other?" Even today, Commissioner Berg is still puzzled by man’s cruel and merciless nature.

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Education Specialist Robin Lanes reflects on her process of learning and writing about the Rwandan Genocide.

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On March 15, this blog looked at women's resistance actions within the Holocaust, the Cambodian genocide, and the Darfur genocide. Now, we will look at the heroism of women who survived the Bosnian and Rwandan genocides.

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Memorials are dedicated to significant events or individuals, but what of those that honor topics which are difficult to comprehend? This is a challenge with structures that memorialize genocides, as Social Media Intern Luoman Huang explains.

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For Women's History Month, the THGC would like to encourage our blog readers to reflect on the stories of a few of the many women who have resisted against genocide.

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Rabbi Brian Strauss of Houston describes the Jewish annual festival of Purim, which occurs later this month (March 23-24). Centered on the biblical Book of Esther, Purim recounts a story of one villain's ultimately unsuccessful attempt to orchestrate a genocide against ancient Persia's Jews. Purim is especially joyful in its remembrance of the intended victims' salvation. By contrast, however, the memory of millions murdered in recent genocides has prompted many people to question traditional assumptions about how we can best understand historical atrocities.

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While several nations already have remembrance days for the Holocaust, International Holocaust Remembrance Day is unique as a secular, multinational day of observance. On this day, UN member states seek to honor the victims and to develop educational resources. The purpose is both to keep the history alive and prevent future genocides.

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The THGC Education Coordinator describes presenting at the MLA convention in Austin and suggests an interdisciplinary approach for engaging students.

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In 2009, the Texas legislature established the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC) to ensure that resources are available to students, educators, and the general public regarding the Holocaust and other genocides. Since that time, Commissioners and staff have worked to bring these resources to Texans, not only so that they might learn more about historical genocides, but so that by learning the lessons of the past, they might make an impact now and for future generations...

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