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The 75th anniversary of the massacre at Baby Yar fell on September 29th-30th, 2016. THGC Education Specialist Robin Lane reflects on the impact of this event, and the importance of breaking the silence around it.

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We have just wrapped up our 2015-16 Educator Grant Cycle! Read about the projects completed this year and get more information about applying for next year's grants.

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Dr. Josef Mengele has been dead for decades, but still looms large in the popular imagination as a terrifying if enigmatic figure. This entry aims to help classroom teachers break through his mystique so that students can see more clearly what came under assault in the Holocaust.

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“The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission is like a secret society. We exist, but no one has ever heard of us.” While Commissioner Kasman’s comment about the THGC may be true now, the work that he has put into the organization in education and awareness is assuredly changing that outlook for the better...

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