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Dr. Ann Millin – African American Responses to Fascism and the Third Reich

February 28, 2019
Location: Temple Beth-El | 211 Belknap Place
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

African Americans viewed the rise of fascism as a menace to American democracy. It also encouraged a renewed commitment to fighting racism at home and a deeper understanding of their own position in an America that perpetuated legalized racial discrimination, social and economic marginalization, and mob violence toward its own citizens. Dr. Millin’s lecture will explore the complex ways in which these perspectives intertwined and are illustrated by documents from the period.

Ann Millin, Ph.D., is the 2018-2019 Ida E. King Distinguished Visiting Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Stockton University. Dr. Millin was formerly the Historian in the Educational Initiatives Division of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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