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The 49th Annual Scholars Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches

March 2, 2019 to March 4, 2019
Location: The University of Texas at Dallas | The Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center | 800 West Campbell Road, DGA 10 Richardson, TX 75080
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Founded in 1970 by Franklin H. Littell and Hubert G. Locke, the ASC provides an invaluable forum for scholars to discuss and advance Holocaust research, ensuring the valuable lessons of the Holocaust remain relevant for today’s world.

March 2-4, we will host Holocaust scholars from across the globe to UT Dallas, the new and permanent home for the Annual Scholars’ Conference. This year’s theme is “Conflicting Realities of the Holocaust.”

The Conference will begin with a special dinner for registered participants and invited guests on Saturday evening. There will be two full days of programming on Sunday and Monday, so we recommend that guests from out of town plan on not leaving until after dinner on Monday.

Please visit The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies at The University of Texas at Dallas conference website here.