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Former Commissioner and Wife Share Their Love of Collecting

Former THGC Commissioner Gregg Philipson and his wife, Michelle Warech-Philipson, have dedicated their lives to preserving history.  Specifically, to tracking down artifacts that speak to the atrocities committed during the Holocaust.  Both sides of the family lost members to the Nazis, and Gregg and Michelle work to ensure that they, and all other victims of the Holocaust, are not forgotten.  Through their lecturing and the display of their artifacts, the Philipsons are able to make an obvious impact. 

Recently, Gregg and Michelle lent artifacts to the Bullock Texas State History Museum for the State of Deception and On the Texas Homefront exhibits (on display until January 8, 2017).  Many visitors have already had the opportunity to see firsthand these objects that, if not for the Philipsons, they may never have known existed. 

The Austin American-Statesman interviewed Gregg and Michelle earlier this month, and was able to get an inside look at what their collection means to them.  Click here to read the online articleThe Philipsons' story is also featured in the Bullock Museum's Texas Story Project.

Thank you, Gregg and Michelle, for your tireless dedication to educating people about this most vital piece of history.

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