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Resources for Education

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission provides advice and assistance to public and private primary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education in this state regarding implementation of Holocaust and genocide courses of study and awareness programs. To accomplish this goal, the THGC provides resources for educators to use in classrooms.

Student Essay Contest

The THGC is holding a special, one-time essay contest this school year for 3rd-8th grade Texas students.  There are two entry categories--a Junior group and a Senior group--and winners from each will receive scholarship awards.  Click the link below for details and entry materials.

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Online Digital Library

Staff members at the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission have been diligently working to put together a unique set of resources for educators' classroom use. Included are poems, essays, short stories, film clips, and excerpts from novels and memoirs. Many of these sources have strong Texas connections. Educators can gain access to this free, password-protected resource library by attending one of our workshops.

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Teaching about Genocide and the Holocaust

In 2010, the Texas Education Agency adopted new TEKS standards related to the Holocaust, genocide, and mass murder based on recommendations made by the THGC.  Though now included as part of the curriculum of Texas public schools, information related to these topics is often missing from textbooks used in the state.  A THGC group of volunteer educators has reviewed the state textbooks and is now in the process of making recommendations, which will assist educators in teaching these vital subjects in their classrooms.

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Overviews of Genocides

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission is charged to foster awareness of the six genocides that are recognized by the United States. Overviews of these genocides are provided.

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Classroom Resources

There are so many resources available for educators interested in teaching about genocide and the Holocaust that it can be challenging to sift through everything and find what works best. The THGC is working to categorize and organize resources in a straightforward way to help teachers find what they need. 

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Lesson Plans and Posters

Based on Dr. Gregory Stanton’s “10 Stages of Genocide” model, the THGC provides a poster set and lesson plans to meet TEKS standards in teaching the Holocaust and genocide in Texas classrooms. The engaging posters work with the lesson plans to help students learn the necessary standards while also challenging them to be upstanders in their community.

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Oral Histories

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission is sharing testimonies of Texan liberators of concentration camps. Videos and transcripts of the interviews with 19 veterans will be available for viewing and for use by educators in secondary school social studies classrooms.

This significant collection preserves the important stories Texas soldiers and their role in liberating Nazi concentration, extermination, and labor camps.

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2017 Student Video Contest

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2017 student video contest!

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