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The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission provides advice and assistance to public and private primary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education in this state regarding implementation of Holocaust and genocide courses of study and awareness programs. To accomplish this goal, the THGC provides resources for educators to use in classrooms.

Teaching about the Holocaust and Genocides

In 2010, the Texas Education Agency adopted new TEKS standards related to the Holocaust, genocide, and mass murder based on recommendations made by the THGC.  Though now included as part of the curriculum of Texas public schools, information related to these topics is often missing from textbooks used in the state.  A THGC group of volunteer educators has reviewed the state textbooks and is now in the process of making recommendations, which will assist educators in teaching these vital subjects in their classrooms.

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Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust

Guidelines on teaching about the Holocaust

Guidelines for Teaching about Genocide

Guidelines for Teaching about Genocide

Overviews of the Holocaust and Genocides

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission provides printable and reproducible overviews of the Holocaust and genocides.

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The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission is committed to Holocaust and genocide education. The following lists of vocabulary terms, though not intended to be comprehensive, are assembled here in a printable format for educators, students, and the general public.

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Online Digital Library for Educators (ODLE)

Staff members at the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission have been diligently working to put together a unique set of resources for educators' classroom use. Included are poems, essays, short stories, film clips, and excerpts from novels and memoirs. Many of these sources have strong Texas connections. Educators can gain access to this free, password-protected resource library by attending one of our workshops.

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The Texas Liberators

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC) has played the leading role in recognizing and teaching about soldiers from Texas who participated in the liberation of camp inmates late in the Holocaust.  The THGC has funded and provided content in support of relevant initiatives at major universities in the state.  On November 9, 2017, the THGC formally recognized these liberators and their families at the Senate Chambers in the State Capitol.

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Philipson Collection

The Gregg and Michelle Philipson Collection and Archive includes hundreds of images that support the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission’s mission to educate all Texans, from students to the general public. Each item may be accessed at no charge to download and/or print, with credit to the owners

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10 Stages of Genocide Posters

Based on Dr. Gregory Stanton’s “10 Stages of Genocide” model, the THGC provides a poster set and lesson plans to meet TEKS standards in teaching the Holocaust and genocide in Texas classrooms.

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Links to outside organizations and multimedia resources are assembled here for your convenience.

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