Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission Awareness - Education - Inspiration

Helpful Links

Museums & Exhibits in Texas

Color of Memory
Dallas Holocaust Museum
El Paso Holocaust Museum & Study Center
Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio
Holocaust Museum Houston
Vedem Underground Exhibit


Museums Outside of Texas

Kigali Genocide Memorial
Museo Memoria y Tolerancia
The Pucker Gallery (Samuel Bak)
Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)
Yad Vashem


Organizations & Programs

Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies at UT-Dallas
Anti-Defamation League
Baylor University Institute for Oral History
Claims Conference
Echoes & Reflections
Facing History & Ourselves
Genocide Watch
History Unfolded
The Holocaust Collection
Jewish Foundation for the Righteous
Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation
Khmer Legacies
Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies at UT-Austin
USC Shoah Foundation
Voice Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive
Yahad in Unum

Learning Modules

FHAO's 5-hour self-paced Getting Started with Holocaust & Human Behavior  


Documents & Journals

1948 Genocide Convention
Der Giftpilz
Laura Bush Liberator Letter
Prism Journal for Holocaust Education
Select Materials to Supplement Classroom Instruction--2018
Teaching with Primary Sources
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
THGC Chair Lynne Aronoff's Speech in Response to March 2019 Christchurch Attack


Videos & Music


THGC Chair Lynne Aronoff's speech in Response to March 2019 Christchurch Attack 
Walter Kase Testimony
Rose Lipszyc Interview
Rush Vocalist Geddy Lee Radio Interview 2019 International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Brundibár, original children’s opera performed at Terezin
Chava Alberstein, "Zog Nit Keynmol" Jewish partisans song with English subtitles
A Night at the Garden - 1939 German American Bund Rally
Miejsce urodzenia [Birthplace]
Anne Frank Secret Annex
“Misha tserayst Hitlers Daytchland [Misha tears apart Hitler's Germany],” from the 2019 Grammy-nominated Yiddish Glory: The Lost Songs of World War II
Leonard Cohen, lyric video for final song “You Want it Darker,” 2016
Ofra Haza performs “Chai” at Eurovision Contest in Munich, 1983
Ofra Haza, “Trains of No Return”
Rush, “Red Sector A”
Geddy Lee "Grace to Grace"
Raanana Symphonette Orchestra’s tribute to Alma Rosé (Channel 2 News)
USHMM Music Database

Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide Survivors in 2015
1.5 Million Reasons

Cambodian Genocide

Former Commissioner Ambassador Sichan Siv, “From the Killing Fields to the White House”
Socheata Poeuv on Khmer Legacies
Trailer, Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock & Roll
Sinn Sisamouth (rock star murdered in genocide), “Prous teh oun”
Huoy Meas (rock star/DJ murdered in genocide), “Sraulanh bong nas”
Ros Sereysothea (rock star murdered in genocide), “Penh jet thai bong mouy”
Pan Ron (rock star murdered in genocide), “Rom ago ago”
Yol Aularong (rock star murdered in genocide), “Cafe kmao”

Bosnian Genocide

Srebrenica Massacre Survivor
Srebrenica Genocide Explained in 2 Minutes

Rwandan/Burundian Genocides

Commissioner Gilbert Tuhabonye feature, “Running for My Life”
Washington Post Report on the Legacy of Rape after the Rwandan Genocide​
Gacaca Justice


Darfur Genocide

Lost Boys Return Home
Emtithal Mahmoud's TED Poem


Iraqi/Syrian Genocides

John Kerry Speech Designating Genocide
Yazidis of Sinjar



8 July 2019 -- Principal Who Tried to Stay ‘Politically Neutral’ About Holocaust Is Removed -- NY Times
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17 June 2019 --  Under new law, Texas public schools to make Holocaust a teaching tool -- SA Express-News
16 June 2019 --  Holocaust Remembrance law in effect -- KENS5 
14 June 2019 --  Under new law, Texas public schools to make Holocaust a teaching tool -- Chron.com
13 June 2019 -- Texas lawmakers pass 'Holocaust Remembrance Week' bill -- KTXS12
13 June 2019 -- Texas lawmakers pass 'Holocaust Remembrance Week' bill -- News4SA
12 June 2019 -- Senator José Menéndez Passes Bill Establishing... -- Blackpress USA
12 June 2019 -- Annual Week of Holocaust Education coming to Texas Public Schools -- KTSA
12 June 2019 -- Gov. Greg Abbott signs Holocaust Remembrance Week into Law -- SA Current
12 June 2019 -- Most Jews weren't murdered in Death Camps. -- Forward
11 June 2019 -- Gov. Abbott signs bill to create educational Holocaust remembrance -- KSAT12
27 May 2019 -- Vienna outdoor exhibition of Holocaust survivors cut up  -- JC
22 May 2019 -- Witnessing the Holocaust -- NY Times
21 May 2019 -- The new German Anti-Semitism -- NY Times
17 May 2019 -- German Parliament Deems B.D.S. Movement Anti-Semitic -- NY Times
15 May 2019 -- Girl Told Classmates To Stop Making Nazi Salute --  NY Jewish Week
15 May 2019 -- Harvard Lampoon Apologizes for Sexualized Image of Anne Frank -- NYT
8 May 2019 -- Women Lead Rwanda's Renaissance --  HG
9 May 2019 --  Auschwitz Museum protests images of the death camp printed on skirts, bags -- AP
22 April 2019 -- Polish Anti-Semites Beat & Burn Effigy of Hasidic Jew in ‘Religious Ritual’ -- Yeshiva World
18 April 2019 -- Warsaw Ghetto to have a Passover Seder for the first time since its uprising -- Forward
15 April 2019 -- Anti-Semitism threatens Romania's fragile Jewish community -- BBC
3 April 2019 -- Skeleton of mother cradling baby discovered at Holocaust mass grave site in Belarus -- WIN
1 April 2019 --  Uncovering Nazi massacre of Jews on Belarus building site -- BBC
13 March 2019 -- Hundreds of chilling items discovered at Nazi massacre sites -- Fox
7 March 2019 -- Liberator exhibit brings horror of concentration camps home -- Odessa American
7 March 2019 -- Holocaust survivor shares story in light of Texas Liberators -- NewsWest
14 February 2019 -- Soldiers' accounts of Holocaust serve as important reminder -- Caller Times
30 January 2019 -- One Denver couple’s quest to photograph every Holocaust survivor in the US -- DP
26 January 2019 -- Hitler-owned book hints at plans for North American Holocaust -- CNN
10 January 2019 -- Jakiw Palij: Nazi Guard Deported by US Dies in Germany -- BBC
30 December 2018 -- Georges Loinger: French Hero Who Saved Jews in WW2 Dies -- BBC
5 November 2017 -- A new Dutch play about Anne Frank doesn’t mention Jews or Nazis -- JP
27 August 2009 -- Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission established -- JHV
6 October 1997 -- Who Owns Anne Frank -- The New Yorker