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THGC Video Contest

Contest Overview

Last week, Commissioner Verveer announced the theme of this year's student video contest, and shared her thoughts about its relevance in the lives of young people. 

"We live in trying times," she begins. "It often feels as if so many people in the world are bent on hating each other and eliminating anyone who is different. It often feels as if the notion of "we" as a community, both geographically and in other ways, is becoming smaller and smaller... It often feels that people are just indifferent to anything outside their community." Labeling, stereotyping, and prejudice continue against people considered to the the "other." 

However, here at the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, we believe in the power of young people to raise their voices and make positive change. Texas students have an amazing opportunity to improve on the work that generations past have done to make this world a better, more welcoming place for everyone. It is both these challenges - and this great opportunity -  that helped us decide on the the theme of this year's video contest: "Creating a More Just World."

We hope you will participate in this year's contest. In the words of Commissioner Verveer, "Take action and make a difference."

Contest Deadline

Original one to two-and-a-half minute video submissions are due by March 13, 2015.  Scholarships are being awarded to three submissions in each grade category, and teachers of “Gold Prize” students will additionally receive $100 for classroom use.  Please download and read the THGC Video Contest flyer and rules for more detailed information.

Previous Winners