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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission

Friends of THGC Student Contests

"Sites of Memory"

Certain places in the world are so deeply tied to significant events in history that people continue to visit them to experience a more profound connection. In some of these places, people have constructed memorials to help shape our memory of what happened there. These memorials are meant to convey an accurate depiction of the past and to trigger an emotional response—in other words, to be truthful, emotionally powerful, and memorable.

An effective memorial will present some historical details in an accurate and straightforward manner, and others through metaphors or symbols.

Here are just a few examples of memorials to places/events in Holocaust/genocide history:

For the 2021 Student Contests in Poetry & Visual Arts, the Friends of THGC invite Texas students in 6th through 12th grades to learn about places that deserve to be remembered because they were the location of events in Holocaust or genocide history. This annual contest is generously funded by the Friends of Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Here is what to do:

Choose a place/event in Holocaust or genocide history to research. This means that you should select an event that happened during the Holocaust or during the Armenian genocide, Cambodian genocide, Rwandan/Burundian genocide, Bosnian genocide, Darfur genocide, or Iraqi/Syrian genocide. We have provided a list of suggestions of places/events further down on this page, but you may choose a place/event that is not on the list. Then, create a memorial that you imagine could be placed at the chosen location to commemorate the event that happened there. (Note: be sure to create a memorial to a past event. In other words, your art should depict a memorial to what happened, and not what happened.) Because your memorial is for a contest, it is expected to be more detailed than the sample memorials that are provided above.

Download our flyer for a quick reference to all the details and to share with teachers and students who might be interested in participating.

The contest results will be announced on this page and featured on social media this spring.

2021 Student Contest Application Form

Please complete this form and upload your parent/guardian permission form, and honesty clause form. Also, be sure to include the link to Dropbox or Google Drive so THGC staff can access your necessary file submissions.

If a Visual Art (Drawing/Painting) piece, what medium/media did you use to create your work? (check all that apply)
This should link to a public drive where THGC staff can access & download the video(s) and photos required for your submission. Poetry entries should also be submitted here as a PDF.