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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission

Developing Projects

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC) partners with various organizations throughout the State of Texas (and even those outside of the state) in order to develop projects that the Texas public can utilize to further their knowledge about the Holocaust and/or genocides. Collaboration can be with non-profit organizations or even public universities. Previous and current projects have included a partnership with Texas Tech University's Honors College and the Baylor University Institute for Oral Histories to generate the Texas Liberator Project. The THGC has also partnered with The University of Texas at El Paso to create the Online Digital Library for Educators that allows Texas educators an opportunity to supplement their classroom instruction with free access to survivor testimonies through film or literature.

Currently, the THGC is working to develop or to oversee projects with:

The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies | The University of Texas at Dallas

  • Operation Texas and Lyndon B. Johnson's involvement in securing visas for European Jews seeking refuge in the United States
  • LBJ and the Holocaust | Ackerman Chronicle Newsletter

Museum of Texas Tech University | Texas Tech University

  • Narratives of Modern Genocide is a project that revolves around two Texas survivors of genocide. Former THGC Commissioner and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Sichan Siv, who survived the killing fields during the Cambodian Genocide. Also featured is current THGC Commissioner Gilbert Tuhabonye who survived the Tutsi genocide in Burundi before it crossed the border into Rwanda.

Yahad-in Unum

  • The Holocaust by Bullets (La Shoah par Balles) is an exhibit that illustrates how the Einsatzgruppen murdered over a million Jews in Eastern Europe. This project aims to educate the public that the Holocaust did not solely take place in concentration camps and killing centers.